How Long is a Sea Turtle? Size and Growth Patterns of Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are ancient mariners that have been swimming the oceans for over 100 million years. These gentle giants come in all shapes and sizes, from the small Kemp’s ridley sea turtle that barely stretches beyond 5 feet to the massive leatherback sea turtle that can reach 78 to 120 cm long and weigh over 1,500 pounds!

Sea turtles go through different stages of growth throughout their long lives. By understanding the size of sea turtles at each stage of development, we gain more insight into the biology and natural history of these amazing reptiles.

How Long is a Sea Turtle?

The carapace (upper shell) of an adult green sea turtle averages between 78 to 120 cm (31 to 47 inches) in length. They typically weigh between 68 to 230 kg (150 to 507 pounds) fully grown. The largest recorded individual reached a length of 1.5 meters (5 feet) and weighed in at 395 kilograms (871 pounds). Green sea turtles are medium-sized in comparison to other sea turtle species.

How Big Are Sea Turtle Eggs and Hatchlings?

Sea Turtle Egg Size

Sea turtle eggs are about the size of a ping pong ball, averaging 2-3 inches long. The eggs have a leathery, flexible shell to survive the 60 day incubation period in the sand.

Different species lay varying numbers of eggs per nest. Kemp’s ridleys may lay 80-120 eggs while leatherbacks nest up to 80 fertilized eggs.

When the eggs hatch after the two month incubation, the hatchlings are just over 2 inches long. They will then make the treacherous crawl from their sandy nest to the ocean, just barely big enough to withstand predators like birds and crabs.

Newly Hatched Sea Turtle Size

When sea turtles first hatch from their sandy nest, they are tiny and vulnerable. Hatchlings measure around 2-3 inches long, about the size of a peach.

Their tiny flippers propel them towards the ocean as soon as they break free of their leathery egg shell.

Some key facts about newborn sea turtle size:

Loggerhead2-3 inchesAbout 1⁄2 ounce
Leatherback2-3 inchesJust under 1⁄2 ounce
Green Sea Turtle2-2.5 inchesAbout 1⁄4 ounce
Kemp’s Ridley2-2.5 inchesAbout 1⁄4 ounce

As soon as they hatch, the baby turtles know to head straight for the ocean. Their size does not protect them for long – as little hatchlings, their greatest challenge is surviving the journey from nest to ocean while avoiding hungry predators snatching them up.

How Big Do Juvenile Sea Turtles Grow?

Yearling Sea Turtle Size

In their first year, juvenile sea turtles experience remarkable growth thanks to their protein rich, jellyfish filled diets. After just 12 months, sea turtles reach the size of a dinner plate.

Some specifics on yearling sea turtle size:

Species1-Year Size
Loggerhead yearlings8-14 inches long
Leatherback yearlings15-20 inches long
Green sea turtles9-15 inches within their first year
Kemp’s ridley yearlings6-9 inches long

At one year old, juvenile sea turtles are less vulnerable to predation. Their larger size helps protect them from predators like birds and fish. However, sharks and marine mammals still hunt juvenile turtles in their ocean habitats.

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Subadult Sea Turtle Size

In the subadult turtle stage ranging from 2-9 years old, sea turtles put on even more size rapidly. Subadults range from the length of a small surfboard to almost full grown size.

Subadult sea turtles measure:

SpeciesSubadult Size (2-9 years old)
Loggerheads20-36 inches long (at 2-5 years old)
Leatherbacks3-5 feet long (at 2-6 years old)
Greens20-40 inches long (between 2-9 years old)
Kemp’s ridleys14-28 inches long (between 2-7 years)

During the subadult stage, sea turtles begin migrating long distances between feeding grounds and tropical breeding areas. Their larger size reduces predation risk and allows them to handle longer migrations across thousands of kilometers.

How Long Do Adult Sea Turtles Grow?

It takes sea turtles over a decade to reach full adult size and sexual maturity. Once adult size is attained, sea turtles maintain their large dimensions for decades.

Adult Loggerhead Turtle Size

  • Loggerheads measure 3 feet long on average
  • Pacific loggerheads reach 5 feet long weighing up to 500 pounds
  • Atlantic loggerheads grow to 3-4 feet in length averaging 250 pounds
  • It takes loggerheads 15-30 years to reach full adult size

As the most abundant sea turtle species, loggerheads are emblematic reptiles of warm, temperate oceans worldwide. Their reddish-brown, boulder-like carapace makes them distinguishable from other sea turtle species.

Adult Leatherback Turtle Size

  • Leatherbacks average 6-7 feet long (up to 9 feet!)
  • They weigh 600-1,500 pounds
  • Full adult size is reached in 6-10 years

Leatherback sea turtles are the largest turtle species on earth. Their tremendous size aids their ability to migrate enormous distances and dive to depths over 3,280 feet hunting jellyfish!

Adult Green Sea Turtle Size

  • Greens grow to 3-4 feet long weighing 300-400 pounds
  • Pacific green sea turtles reach 5 feet long and 500 pounds
  • Full adult size takes 2-50 years depending on population

Thanks to conservation efforts, endangered green sea turtle populations are recovering in size. As gentle herbivores grazing on seagrasses and algae, adult greens play a vital role in maintaining healthy seagrass beds.

Adult Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Size

  • Adult Kemp’s ridleys are around 2 feet long
  • They weigh 80-100 pounds on average
  • Reaching full maturity takes 5-10 years

As the smallest sea turtle species, adult Kemp’s ridleys only reach about a third of the size of full grown leatherbacks. Regardless of their small stature, these turtles are still powerful swimmers migrating all over the North Atlantic Ocean.

How Long Do Sea Turtles Live Once They Reach Full Size?

Sea Turtle Lifespans

Once sea turtles survive the gauntlet of predators and oceanic hazards in their youth, they live long lives as massive shelled reptiles. Scientists estimate sea turtles have an average lifespan between 30-50 years in the wild.

Some key facts about sea turtle life expectancy include:

  • Loggerheads live 30-50 years typically
  • Leatherbacks have an estimated lifespan of 45-50 years
  • Greens have an observed longevity of 80 years
  • Kemp’s ridleys commonly live 30 years or more

The longest lived sea turtle on record was a green sea turtle named Adwaita that died at an estimated age of 255 years old! He had been living in captivity at a zoo in Kolkata, India from 1875 until his death in 2006.

The incredibly long lives of sea turtles like Adwaita are possible thanks to their slow growth and size. As turtles grow massive in their adult stage, there are few predators big enough to threaten them.

Their immense size and hardened shell protect adult sea turtles as they travel throughout Earth’s oceans.

Sea Turtle SpeciesAverage Full SizeLifespan at Full Size
Leatherback Turtle6-7 feet45-100 years
Loggerhead Turtle3-4 feet50-67 years
Green Sea Turtle3-4 feet80-100 years
Hawksbill Turtle2.5-3 feet30-50 years
Kemp’s Ridley Turtle2-2.5 feet30-50 years
Olive Ridley Turtle2-2.5 feet50-60 years
Flatback Turtle3-3.5 feet30-50 years
Biggest Sea Turtle | Size Comparison


Sea turtles undergo tremendous growth on their long life journeys across global oceans. From ping pong ball sized eggs and tiny hatchlings to giant herbivorous greens and mile-diving leatherbacks, sea turtles live slow and steady lives.

Their huge adult size up to 9 feet long and 2,000 pounds enables sea turtles to migrate, reproduce, and thrive throughout their lengthy life spans over 50 years.

Understanding the growth process of these ancient mariners provides more insight on maintaining healthy turtle populations.

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